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Seedbox Solution + Beck's Hybrids

Learn about our partnership with one of the largest seed producers in the country, Beck's Hybrids. We supply them with the most modern seed box - the GEN250®.

River Valley AG Testimonial

River Valley AG

We’ve been looking to buy additional boxes for treating, so when Kalli Nelms told us about the pink boxes and supporting Pink Heals, it was a no brainer!   We’re happy to be able to support families affected by cancer.

Katie Rutledge
River Valley AG
Whiting, IA

Jacobsen Seed Testimonial

Jacobsen Seed

"Working with Seedbox Solutions has made life a lot easier.  They were able to fulfill all my box needs when I needed them and where I needed them.   Joni is the best salesperson to work with, she goes above and beyond what needs to be done to get the job done.  Putting 66 boxes on a truck instead of 44 has cut down on my fuel bill when picking up and returning boxes. We were leery about them at first but absolutely love them now and will continue with the Gen 250 boxes. "

Jane Thobe
Jacobsen Hybrids
Lakeview, Iowa

Pioneer Testimonial

Pioneer Brand Products

Thank You going out to Matt Mahoney for his purchase of 6 Pink Seed boxes in support of the “Pink Heals” campaign. Matt thought it was for a great cause. Together we make a difference.

Matt Mahoney
Pioneer Sales Representative

Farmers Win Coop Testimonial

Nuelle Agri Service

"We ordered our boxes Friday at 8:30 am and we received the boxes on Monday at 2pm. Seedbox Solution is quick and easy to work with."

Chad Nuelle
Higginsville, MO

Farmers Win Coop Testimonial

Farmers Win Coop

"Farmers Win Coop is a full service - member owned coop with locations in Northeast Iowa and Southeast Minnesota. At Farmers Win Coop we take pride in providing our customer’s professional service.

I received that same kind of service from the Seedbox Solution team: very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful employees. Farmers Win Coop has purchased complete boxes and miscellaneous replacement parts from Seedbox Solution , it has been a great experience."

Austin Niewoehner
Fredricksburg, Iowa

Quality Plus Feeds Testimonial

Quality Plus Feeds

"We were referred by a local company to Seed Box Solution. They were very prompt to contact us and get us information on what was available.  We had new boxes within the week.  Good quality and good value!" - Click here to learn more about Quality Plus Feed

Mike Kassmeyer
Quality Plus Feeds

Brunk Bros. Testimonial

Brunk Bros.

"We rented boxes last year to fill a shortage, this year we purchased the GEN250 Seed boxes. Seedbox Solution makes it easy."

Brunk Bros.

Hicks Seed Testimonial

Hick's Seed, LLC.

"My Company is Hick’s seed, LLC. I’m a sole ownership company, who is an independent representative for Stine Seed Company I cover far Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois for Stine. I’ve been in Ag for about 6 years, and I will say I’m very pleased with Seedbox Solution. Rental boxes work well for me because every year is different. You may need them one year and another you may not. Thank you to Seedbox for their great service and the effort they put forth for me and my company."

Trevor Hicks
Hick's Seed

Browning Seed Testimonial

Browning Seed, Inc.

"This is our first year to work with the Seedbox Solutions team and utilize seed boxes in our operation. We have had these boxes for only a few weeks, and they have made a huge difference. Seed boxes, as opposed to standard bulk bags, are helping us maximize warehouse space, create ease for hauling seed down the road, and most importantly are much safer for our production team to use when handling bulk amounts of seed. The team at Seedbox Solutions has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to continue working with them"

Jace Browning
Browning Seed

Pallas Seeds Testimonial

Pallas Seeds

"Here at Pallas Seeds our current fleet of boxes did not meet our demand for in season, on farm delivery for our customers. Renting additional boxes allows us to meet our needs and return plant boxes back faster than ever before. The rental program also has opened up capital resources to invest in other parts of our growing business. The GEN250 boxes transitioned seamlessly into our additional fleet of boxes and fit well on all of our seed tenders. The Team at Seed Box Solutions has been great to work with."

Cale Pallas
Pallas Seeds

Larson Testimonial

Larson Seed Service

"Another load of Pioneer beans headed out thanks to the help of the GEN250® boxes! "

Nick Larson
Larson Seed Service
Ottawa, IL

Federal Hybrids Testimonial

Federal Hybrids

Seedbox Solution recently sat down with Kent at Federal Hybrids to hear why he decided to work with our company and the success he has had doing so.

Legacy Seed Testimonial

Legacy Seed

“This was our first season using Seedbox Solution and their rental program. We have appreciated their commitment to service and the ease of doing business with their team. They understand the seed business and the sense of urgency needed in our operations. Great first experience and we look forward to working together in the upcoming season.”

Lori Clumpner
Operations Manager