Seedbox Solution
Dirty Seed Boxes

Seedbox Solution created the industry's first mobile seed box washer.  Our industry leading washers are designed to wash the all seed box brand containers along with the new GEN250® Center Discharge Container, but has the flexibility to wash many other types of bulk containers, IBC's, pallets and handheld containers.

We Come to You

Professionally Trained

Our mobile washers are deployed to the customer's site/warehouse and our trained professional staff take the headache out of dealing with dirty boxes.

Matt Dannenfeldt

We Save You Time & Money


Seedbox Solution will have your inventory of boxes washed and ready for the next season in a matter of days or weeks compared to months when washing by hand.  Another benefit is if you ship your boxes to be washed somewhere else, our service saves you freight because we come to you.

Matt Dannenfeldt

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