Seedbox Solution
Pays Money
for damaged Seed Boxes

Gen250 Seed Boxes Stacked


Seedbox Solution understands the cost associated with seed box ownership. From the initial purchase to the ongoing cost of ownership.   We also know that disposing of these large plastic boxes is not that easy - harder yet to find a recycler that will not charge you to take them away. 

Here at Seedbox Solution, we eliminate the hassle and cost associated with disposing of your old seed boxes.  Just click below to contact us and we will arrange to pick up all your broken seed boxes.   

Recycling gives You $$$

Pro box recycling

Complete seed box assemblies or just the parts comprised of the Lid, Ring and Base are all accepted for recycle pick up.   The best part of our service is that Seedbox Solution will pay you a recycle credit for all the plastic we pick up and apply it directly towards a new GEN250® seed box purchase or seed box Rental! 

Matt Dannenfeldt