Seedbox Solution
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The industry’s first alternative seed box container is now in the market and presents the best alternative our customer’s have had in twenty years of seed handling.   The new GEN250® seed box brings a multitude of features and benefits that make it the leading design for function and performance. We have worked to make sure the largest range of equipment is compatible with our seed boxes.

Understanding that with a new container comes subtle changes to the design which may create compatibility questions with some equipment.  We have tried to present an easy resource for our customers to access in order for them to get linked directly with manufacturers of equipment that may require small adaptions, or retro-kits, to allow for cross-functionality of secondary equipment. If you have a question regarding equipment interface with the below equipment manufacturer's - just click below to link to them for answers and service.

Seedbox Tested and Approved

Box Rotators

RF Slide Gate Openers

GEN250® lid fit for lid locks


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