Seed Box Stand

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Seed Box Stand with Gen 250 and Pro Chute Attached

Why the Seed Box Stand?

Seedbox Solution understands that not every customer has the same needs with seed boxes. We were challenged to help fill a need for applications where smaller batches of flowable products could be metered out of a Center-Discharge container like the GEN250. In order to do this efficiently, getting the Center-Discharge container up off the ground had to be accomplished allowing for enough space to either put a container below the box or allow for the attachment of the popular side chute called the Pro Chute. The industry now has a fully adjustable height Center-Discharge Container stand allowing for center discharging or side discharging of flowable products. Common products where the use of the stand, chute and box are beneficial are: livestock/pet feed, coffee, seed, bird seeds, and many other pellet-size flowable products.
Seed Box Stand with Pro Chute
Seed Box Stand with Pro Chute in Action
Seed Box Stand in Action
Seed Box Stand with Gen250 and Pro Chute Attached

See the Stand in Action

Seedbox Solution Side Chute and Seed Box Stand
Easy Discharge Chute and Stand – Handheld Bucket

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Seed Box Stand with Pro Chute and Gen250

The Seed Box Stand can be ordered in one of the following three packages:

    Seed Box Stand

    • Stand only

      Seed Box Stand w/ Pro Chute

      • Seed Box Stand
      • Pro Chute

        Seed Box Stand, Pro Chute & Gen250® Box

        • Seed Box Stand
        • Pro Chute
        • 1 Gen250® Seed Box
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