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Sells Seedboxes

Seedbox Solution sells the GEN250® seed box as the seed industry's first alternative seed box container for storing, transporting and discharging bulk seed. The GEN250® pro box is designed for more efficient seed handling and works with all seed box tenders. We also offer a variety of pro box replacement parts for your older container fleet.

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Rents Seed Boxes

Seedbox Solution offers the seed industry’s first seed box rental program. Now seed companies don’t need to spend large capital sums to expand their pro box fleet. Our rental fee includes washing, repairs and off-season storage upon return of the seed box. Expense your box use versus capitalize.

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Sells Parts for Seed Boxes

Seedbox Solution understands that a seed box lasts many years with little need for service, but over time everything needs periodic maintenance. Rest assured, Seedbox Solution provides the industry with replacement spare parts for the new GEN250® and the older center discharge seed boxes - all at a price point that makes sense.

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Washes Seed Boxes

Seedbox Solution has designed the industry’s first mobile seed box washer. We come to you and are equipped to clean all seed box brand containers . Save money by not shipping your seed boxes somewhere to be washed when our service comes directly to your factory.

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Provides Freight Services

Seedbox Freight LLC provides truckload, less-than-truckload, and dry bulk freight services to shippers and carriers across the continental US and Canada. Seedbox Freight was created to combat a rising freight market and provide unmatched customer experience.

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