Seedbox Solution
Damaged Seed Boxes

Seedbox Solution offers total service management of all brands of seed boxes including the new GEN250®, older center discharge Pro-Boxes, and others.  If you have seed boxes that require repair, you can send these to our Return Logistics Center in Bluffton, IN. Pro boxes that are determined to be unrepairable will be recycled and a material credit applied to your service work or purchase.

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Our Team is Professionally Trained

Professionally Trained
Our factory trained repair team will inspect your returned Gen250® or center discharge proboxes and repair all damage as required.  Repairs include damages such as hit plates, document pouches, latches, wood runners, fork punctures, damaged hand-holds, broken ring cross-members and cracked lids.
Buckhorn Centerflow Seed Box Repair

All Usable Parts Are Salvaged

We Reprocess Seed Boxes

Seedbox Solution will also reprocess all damaged components deemed non-repairable. These parts will be ground-up and a recycle credit offered back to you for future repairs.  We support recycling and sustainability.

Pro Box Ready to be Recycled

Some of our work

Broken Engagement Tab

Broken Latch Engagement Tab

Trained Repair Specialist

Trained Repair Specialist

Repaired Seedbox

Repaired Latch Engagement Tab

Repaired Pro Box

Repaired Product

Damaged Handhold

Damaged Handhold's Repaired

Professional Seedbox Welding

Professionally Hot Air Welded

Damaged Ring

Damaged Ring

Repaired Ring

Repaired Ring

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