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Seedbox Solution touches hundreds of thousands of boxes annually with our Service Centers and Mobile Washing. Through our interacting with so many seed boxes, we have become intimately connected with all the parts that are commonly in need of repair or replacement.  We identified the seed box document pouch as being the most replaced part of a seed box.  Seedbox Solution has worked closely with our suppliers to create seed box document pouches that exceed the quality of anything used in the marketplace to date.  In 2019 we have introduced two new pouches to the market which include a new zipper and pull style pouch and a new clear magnetic style pouch.  Both of these new improved pouches are availabe in 2019 and both are available at industry leading price points that make sense.

Document pouches two styles to choose from

New zipper pouch. Seedbox Solution's new traditional "jacket style" zipper with extra large pull tab. This pouch no longer has the plastic zip-loc bag style zipper with small pull tab. Benefits of new jacket zipper and large pull is ease of use with a gloved hand and reduced zipper failure. Second improvement is an additional strength weld to horizontal seams to reduce sidewall blow-outs. Creates the industries strongest and easiest to use zipper pouch in the market. Sold in case quantities. 

Matt Dannenfeldt

New magnetic document pouch. Seedbox Solution's new magnetic document folder, or pouch,  is an industry leading design with a new clear plastic creating more visibility of documents versus the older opaque style used in the past. Many companies are using this style now based on its ease of use with a gloved hand when inserting or removing documents. Sturdy durable design for long lasting performance.  Sold in case quantities. 

Matt Dannenfeldt

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